SAC Sports Metaverse
Welcome to the “Super Athletes Club”, where sports enthusiasts gather.
SAC is a place where people who love sports and push themselves to the limit,
and it is a metaverse ecosystem jointly created by Brands Universe and SuperFamily.

sports to earn SAC
SAC: Sports Metaverse is a world where you can participate in various sports activities using NFT.
You can enjoy running, cycling, arm climbing, golf, training, and more.
Every action will be recorded for you to check out or show to others.


Metaverse SAC
SAC is a sports service based on blockchain rewards. The users can exercise with the SAC APP and earn tokens that can be converted into real assets.


Party play is a feature that allows you to workout with others. Exercising in party play mode will benefit you with special rewards.


The Random Spots are randomly placed on the map so that the users can acquire higher grades for greater rewards. The users can check random spots through the map during their workout.


You can work out without bringing your own sneakers. You can rent other users' sneakers in the market every day. Get more SAT tokens by renting sneakers!
$SAT is partially burned when it is used in the ecosystem.
This minimizes token inflation and purchasing actual sports equipment
with $SAT shifts the value from the token ecosystem to the real economy,
reducing token issuance in the $SAT ecosystem.



SAC tryout seoul
The only festival that will be created by those who are not afraid of challenges!
SAC TRYOUT SEOUL participants can measure their official records and upgrade their rankings based on them.


super athletes club
The privileges that are not granted to anyone, that cannot be bought with cash. Another authentic challenge to becoming a member of the SAC begins, which is only allowed to those who test their limits with a constant desire for challenges.


member & record
SAC's program to improve the athletic ability of SAC members with a rating system that allows both level-up and level-down by re-challenging the following tests. You can check the standards for each criteria and grade.


sac collection
Levels are given according to individual athletic ability and only those who pass the test of each event will be given SAC uniforms with their membership numbers printed on them and will be authorized to purchase SAC products.


On the last day of the holiday even when the weather was perfect,
the participants challenged themselves to become members of the SUPER ATHLETES CLUB.
We release the participants who challenged their limits with the cheers that filled the Olympic Park Square!
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